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Things I like: Music, NeoCountry, Sixties Design, Art & Fashion, Laufen, saving the world. Greatest Mad Men fan ever.

I always wanted to be a HipHop DJ as a kid but there was only a free spot for a bartender.

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Remember To Say Thank You - (Via swissmiss)

Designing with users: an exercise in empathy 

Great case study from an exceptional project:

"Made by Many’s user insights practice helps us to identify new ways to serve and support people with the digital products and services we create and take to market for our clients.

One of our key goals as a business is to make digital product innovation more human centred, and user insights are a critical part of the process – continuously throughout the whole product lifecycle.

Tim, Tom and Andrew have already talked about our recent launch of School in the Cloud for 2013 TED prize-winner Sugata Mitra, so I won’t go over the background again – this post is a practical guide to the different research methods we used to guide us in the re-design of the ‘Granny Cloud’.

Designing products with people, not just for them

We always try to make new products and services with users, not just for them. Again and again, we have seen that this is the best way to ground your own ideas in their needs and behaviours.”

Follow the link for the whole case study.

Just got a huge and super nice shoutout from Don Draper on Twitter.. I can die now 😜👯. (I unfollowed Matthew McConoughy so I could follow Don … he obviously loved that). Hahaha, love it. #oneofthemisnotarealperson

Art seems to be always greener on the other side :). Exhibition by Martin Creed - What’s the point of it?

Hayward Gallery, London

Cover me in scars and tattoos so that when I die the world knows I really lived.
DeCoda Grand (via mistersailor)

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Beautiful photos by Vivian Maier taken in the 50-60′s in the streets of New York and Chicago.

More: http://www.fubiz.net/en/2014/04/10/vivian-maier-photography/#content

Awww. “Sei stolz auf dich” #berlin #charlottenburg (hier: Wilmersdorfer Straße)

Cats and girls rule the world :). #catcontent #sillystuff #goodmorning



Great tumblr - Godzilla and Haikus!

Anonymous asked: Pete Campbell is a little bitch and I want to rip off is shitty side burns.


Sometimes I feel the same ;)


I still work.

Wow. A great way to deal with haters.


Apparently, people who hate on interracial and same-sex families still exist. When they unleashed their bile on a Honey Maid ad celebrating modern families, the company came up with this enormously heartening response. 

Transformationen können niemals ihr Ziel erreichen, wenn der Grad der Selbstgefälligkeit hoch ist.
John P. Kotter
#newleadership #seeninsomanyplaces #change
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